Music: Emiko hosting Live at the 85 featuring ME!!!

A bit over a week ago, I hosted Emiko at my house. It had been awhile since we had hosted a house concert and since she was on of my first performers, it was fitting to have her back. She brought her band – filling half the living room with people and the entire house, plus some of the yard, with music. Here is a video from that night.

I Know

But this post isn’t about her.. it’s about her hosting me. 😉

Saturday Emiko is launching a house concert and interview series called:

Live at the 85

And guess who she’s going to interview on Saturday? You get two guesses and one hint.
hint: it’s me…

So guess…

Here’s a promo image and link to the event. If you are in LA and want to attend, RSVP on the event page and message Team Emiko’s. My understanding is that it is being streamed, so I’ll post that here as well. But my guess is you should really pay attention to the event page.

Emiko's Live at the 85 with Matt Moran

If you want information about the event, use my contact page or, again, go to the event and message Team Emiko.

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