Songs, Girls, and Other Delusions

Except where noted, all vocals, instrumentation (including programmed drums, bass, and violin [for morning girl]), mixing, and production - Matthew Moran

All words and music written by Matthew Moran
Copyright 2009 (c) Matthew Moran (Sea Gypsy Music)


Lonely Mile Man (3:34)


I wrote the chorus to this song in 2006 after playing at an open mic with Jim Pipkin, an Arizona based Americana songwriter. He inspired me to write a Johnny Cash stylized number. I was asked, "Who is the Lonely Mile Man?". It is the idea of ever-present heartache and longing for love - personified.

Morning Girl (3:57)

Morning is a special time - coffee, sunlight, and lovers...  It sounded like a great combination and I am very pleased with how this song has progressed over time.

Can't Let Her Go (2:34)

Obsession! I wrote this back in 1992 for my wife at the time. Listening to it now, it has a lot of my insecurity and inability to consider anything - and certainly not love - as anything other than an all-or-nothing endeavor.

South To Mexico (4:41)
Nylon string lead - Bill Dutcher
Steve Earle - A Week of Living Dangerously. James Taylor - Mexico. Both songs are South of the Border songs. I determined that I must write a Mexico song to be a songwriter. "I hear they treat heartache with tequla and loneliness by dancing with those pretty senoritas" was the first line I wrote. I wanted a first person account of escaping heartache, or friends trying to fix your heartache - via Mexico.

Lady Love (3:18)

I refer to this song as my first hit. Why? Because of our family friends, the Rees', and their love for this song dating back to 1990 or so. The song again has elements of addiction and obsession. Lady Love is the personification of any person you would gamble everything on.

2AM (4:23)

While at a speaking event in Massachusetts, I had spent most of the night unable to sleep - musing my many fears and failings. I started writing this while driving the 2 hours to the airport. I had time, so I had forgone the highway, taking a series of two-lane roads North to New Hampshire. I recommend the drive, it was beautiful, but not the notepad in the lap or writing as you drive.

American Dream (4:15)
Slide Dobro, Electric Guitar - Bill Dutcher
The title is a bit cliche I guess. I wrote the first verse many years ago but didn't finish the song for nearly 5 years. Perhaps it is auto-biographical - speaking about how the pursuit of the American Dream could cause you to miss the American Dream.

Gathering Feathers (3:53)

This is perhaps the most directly folk flavored song I've written. It came to me during a time of tremendous heartache and involves an actual nest of sparrows. The idea of gathering feathers is simply the remnants of love that has flown - memories and an inability to cage a sparrow.

Dangerous Girl (3:47)
Electric Guitar - Rhythm - Bill Dutcher
A friend told me once that no one had written a song for her. This song was written after our phone conversation, between 7pm and 9pm, and the first recording of it completed by 10pm that evening.

Can't Let Her Go - reprise (1:17)

When obsession breaks down, you lose everything - and perhaps in the process start to discover something too.

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