The Project

Six songs of challenging emotional states. The songs are linked in that each explores themes of insecurity, our baser natures (mine at least), the consequences of behavior & actions, and ultimately resolution.

Production Notes:

The songs will be released, in order, as individual tracks over the next 4 weeks. (by: October 24, 2021)

The Songs (and year written)

  1. Making Peace with the War (2019)
  2. Reflections (on life) (2021)
  3. Troubled Mind (2021)
  4. Decision Road (2012)
  5. The Night is Calling (2009)
  6. Clear the Air (2021)

I've created a YouTube playlist of acoustic renditions of all 6 songs. You can listen to them on YouTube or below.


#1: Making Peace with the War

Written: 2019

I blue's rock song about a realization of our own darker natures and inner demons.


#2: Reflections

Written: 2021

The day after writing, Troubled Mind, the title track of this EP, I was playing with a simple, mellow & introspective sounding chord pattern. After I wrote the first verse - really the first line - I knew I felt deeply for the protagonist. Facing loss, shame, and realization of his own frailty, escape seems the most reasonable answer.

#3: Troubled Mind

Written: 2021

I wrote the first line to this song, "The reports of my demise, well mostly they were true." after reading a misquote of Mark Twain. "The report of my death was an exaggeration." A somewhat angry but ultimately needy desire to hear what he wants to hear - regardless of the truth.

#4: Decision Road

Written 2012

Bad choices, bad love, and lessons learned... or not learned as the case may be.

#5: The Night is Calling

Written 2009

An ode to our baser nature.

#6: Clear the Air

Written 2021

Remembering a past relationship, recognition of the necessary loneliness, and contentment at where things have gone.

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