My child saved my flier design

The past couple of weeks has been a flurry of activity around Casa Moran. My oldest daughter is in California for her dream job and my 3rd child is living with me again and learning some programming.

I’ve also started a new consulting company – Pulse Infomatics, Inc.

In creating some collateral material for Pulse, my youngest daughter saved my flier design. Let me explain.

About Pulse Infomatics, Inc.

I cut my teeth in technology with Blue Cross of Californai (Wellpoint, Anthem, Whatever they are called today). While there, I built a large and fairly complex document assembly system and a number of databases and reporting systems.

Since then, I created similar systems for both insurance and legal companies. My consulting crossed into network integration and a number of web applications as well as serving as the Virtual CIO for a few different companies. I do several things and I do those things pretty well… but I LOVE automation.

Recently, I worked on a project, creating a web-based time tracking system. The client then wanted the time to be entered or imported automatically into Quickbooks. Enter the Quickbooks SDK. This is now working and I’ve created additional integration with with their database and Quickbooks.

During a conversation with a friend and client in Arizona, she suggested that such automation was the most critical service I brought her company. She said I gave her the PULSE of her business. She then suggested that I should focus on this alone. Executive reporting and automation to give executives and owners the true PULSE of their business. She kept talking about the PULSE of her business and…

It is something I enjoy and so… Pulse Infomatics, Inc. was born.

A Simple Handout

First.. I’m NOT a designer. Never claimed to be one. I’m an entrepreneur and at times I am tasked with creating my own collateral.

I designed an image that created a picture of what Pulse Infomatics does. Basically, take data from multiple sources and create reports that are meaningful and provided at a touch of a button.

I then created an flier that asks some questions about the company’s I.T. and it’s perceived value.

My first stab at the flier started with the questions. It looked something like this.

Pulse Infomatics flier without a heading

When my youngest saw it, she said, “Shouldn’t it have some type of heading? I don’t know what I’m looking at.”

She was right.. basically, I was being lazy with my message. The new handout looks like this.

Quickbooks and SQL Server integration

Much better. Same information basically but it definitely ties things together.

She doesn’t do graphic design. She isn’t in business and hardly knows what I really do.. “computer stuff and writes.” And to be honest, that’s probably a good thing. She just knew that the first design was confusing because it never introduced anything.

I wonder if you’ve had a similar experience. Good advice on business from an unlikely source?

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