My Morning Routine: 15 Minutes of Learning

In case you haven't noticed, I've been creating more videos - though fewer than I would like. I'm cool with the process though. I would LOVE for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. C'mon... it's easy.

Right now I've got plenty on my plate. Current projects include:

  • Technology Consulting/Software: 3 client projects
  • Writing/Scripting: A series on how to build a consulting practice (with a bunch of downloadable tools)
  • Music: Recording & Producing both band and solo work
  • Photography/Filmography: Music Video plus some learning projects

Additionally, there is life to live too.

Today's Video: 15 Minutes of Learning a Day

  • 15 min/day X 5 days/week = 75 min per week
  • X 50 weeks (2 weeks of vacation) = 3,750 min per year
  • 3,750 min = 62.5 hours per year
  • 312.50 hours every 5 years

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A couple of other video updates

With My Dog: Experimental Video

I was just playing with setting up my camera to film myself and editing/cutting the video. The "story" actually came after. I'm not claiming it is a masterpiece... but, it does include my dog, so that's pretty special! 😉 


Song: Tumbleweed Into The Fire

Recording Guitar for my song, The Path

Best advice for someone starting something new

How I Got My Book Published

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