My Musical Goals for 2021

Musical Goals for 2021 - songwriter Matthew Moran

I've been writing my 2021 goals. I have a document I add to over the year and modify as I go. It identifies key areas I want to work on and both big and small objectives. 

These can be in various areas and discipline:

  • Professional
  • Relationship
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Creative (other creative)

Also, I don't relegate adding or modifying this document to New Years. I don't "believe" in resolutions, per se. I can establish new goals at any point.

But I try to take a few minutes at the end of a year to assess the big objectives for the following year. 

I just uploaded a YouTube video that outlines my major objectives. It is embedded below. 

The objectives in the video (and their timestamps) are:

  • 01:16 Two (2) songs per month
  • 03:30 Produce songs for my daughter
  • 03:54 Work on placements (TV, film, and other artists)
  • 04:16 Improve my mixes
  • 05:05 Improve my lead guitar
  • 06:40 Write/Produce orchestral pieces
  • 07:37 Build a more complete studio
  • 08:05 Grow my following
  • 08:58 OVERCOME INSECURITIES (imposter's syndrome)
  • 13:10 Expose myself more (expose music - don't get any funny ideas)

I emphasize overcoming insecurities since several friends and fellow musicians are most surprised by this one.

Watch the video. I would love it if you commented - let me know what your plans for 2021 are - whether musical or some other endeavor.

Thanks and take care.

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