New Music: Ordinary Man with lyrics

About Ordinary Man

Written in response to my disenfranchisement with myths I was taught as a child - about the country, about our history, and systems that seem intractable. Further inspired by the current climate in the country.

The lyrics are in the video and also below it.


Ordinary Man
© 2020 - Matthew Moran

Close that door behind me, first morning light
Headed down that highway and opened up my eyes
And it don’t help me sleep none but I’m feeling free now
Left the altar stained with those sacred cows

Setting out to find what still remains    of those
Fairy Tales & Fables of my younger days
Maybe they’re just spirits of what never was
Maybe they’re the prison, maybe they’re the cause

I’m not a hero making my last stand
I might be fool but I’m not going back again
But I’ll play my song every chance I can
And ode to every lost and lonely soul
From an ordinary man

Taking names, taking stock 
Making nice until I’m not
And all this bullshit, it fills the air
Smells like anger, taste like, “I don’t care.”

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