New Music – The Path – a folk song

I wrote a couple new songs last week. The first I'll classify as rock & roll. It is titled, "Tumbleweed Into the Fire." I'll post a basic recording of that soon.

The other song came even more quickly. It has much more of a folk feel. I plan to record it more sparsely but did a video of me playing it and am happy to share that here. The lyrics are both in the video and can be found below. 

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, consider sharing it.


The Path (lyrics below)


The Path
© 2019 - Matthew Moran

If we can catch a little break my dear
Perhaps the timing could be right
Can you check to see the coast is clear
Perhaps we’ll slip away tonight

This might play as irresponsible
But I don’t really give damn
The deck is stacked, the dice are loaded here
Take a chance,  take my hand

In another time we might troubadours
Keeping the company of kings
Or princes, paupers, and the people of the night
Who laugh and drink and loudly sing

And I’m not asking for a sacrifice
Unless it’s everything and all
I've cast caution to the wind my dear
And turned the bow into the squall

All these matters of the heart
Is all that matters so it seems
We’ve found fit to find our feet upon this path
To cross these valleys, fields, and streams
Find our dreams

So this simple riddle we’ve been asked
No ready answers and no clues
Leaves us guessing just like all the rest
And leaves it up to me and you

The hero and the lover often fail
Victims of avarice and greed
Let’s choose fail in the most heroic way
With an appetite for the lover’s deeds


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