New Song: Call On It Now

Yesterday I released, Call On It Now.

It's a song I wrote at the end of last year. You can find it on all the streaming services. I also have a YouTube lyric video. You can find that via this link or below.

As part of that, I established a new YouTube channel to focus solely on my songwriting, recording, and production. It has been submitted to YouTube to be converted to an artist channel and we hope that occurs soon.

In the meantime, here are the lyrics to Call On It Now. I've also included an mp3 download and link to the Spotify and YouTube Music links to the song.


Download  | YouTube Music | Spotify

© 2021 Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music

I’ve been your lover, I’ve been your friend
If I had to choose over I’d surely do it again

It’s not for the passion, it’s not for the night
It’s those everyday moments making everything right

It’s us in the kitchen, you making demands
It’s a walk through the market, you taking my hand

I know I’m a challenge
Stubborn and proud
Pushing the limits/Pushing your buttons
Angry & loud

Redemption still finds me though I don’t know how
It’s our love. It’s our love
I call on it now

You’ve got some nerve to say the things that you do
If I’m being honest, I’ve got some nerve too

They should cut to the quick but they just make us smile
Absurd and abrasive, baby that’s just our style

But in our darkest moments, when life crashes down
No one else that I’d run to, no one else that I’ve found

I lose sight of the simple things
Spin and chase after everything
Find you there at the end of day
Waiting for my sanity


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