New song download – Damn Fool Heart of Mine

New Year! New Song!

download Damn Fool Heart of MineI wrote this song a couple weeks ago and made the video below on January 1st, 2013.. What better way to kick off the new year than with music.

My friend Amber once told me, “The heart’s a bitch and then you die.” This song validates that notion. Lyrics and a downloadable version can be found below the video.


Damn Fool Heart of Mine

Copyright © 2012 – Matthew Moran

download the mp3 here | Listen below

You’ve got some nerve comin’ round here
I thought I’d made myself perfectly clear
You and I need time on the mend
Couldn’t call it as lovers, we can’t call it as friends

We’re always playing our part
I follow and you lead me astray
Damn Fool Heart of Mine

3am, yeah & you’ve woke me up
Playin’ pictures from our past over my coffee cup
You know your game & you know the score
But I know the price and I can’t pay anymore

Well, I know I’ll regret it but we’re here once again
Soft candlelight, the touch of her skin
And you run ahead to that moment’s delight
and to tell you truth, I won’t put up a fight

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