New Song – Marie with lyrics

Heading things off at the pass, as this question has already come up… No, there is no Marie. But the named worked well with the song.

Actually, there is a Marie at my client and she seems to like the song. It’s certainly not the first song to use her name. But there was no specific inspiration for the song.

I wrote the initial idea in standard tuning but had been watching some James McMutry and Shawn Mullins in the week prior. I thought, it is in the key of D, so let’s try open D tuning. Simple but I really like this song.

I have the lyrics in the video and below the video on this page. Enjoy.



© 2017 – Matthew Moran, Arrogant Sage Music

You left me alone but I don’t really blame you, I don’t
You thought I would hate you, don’t worry, I can’t and I won’t
There are questions unanswered though they’re answers I don’t want to hear
I’m no good at this distance but damn sure no good when you’re near

My friends they keep telling me, “Man, you sure handle it well.”
Conveniently they overlook when I slip into my hell
Close the world out and ​I don’t return their calls for days
Emerge baptized in memories and exorcised of my rage

Oh Marie, this is one thing you can’t take away
My pain is a labor love and it’s what’s left of me

If forgiveness is freedom then you’ll find me shackled and chained
And I know love is the answer but it’s to questions I don’t understand
The who and the when, the what and the where and the why
And how did I miss all the signs of your unspoken goodbye

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