New Song: Most of What I’ve Got

Matthew Moran and Arrogant Sage performing live

A simple country-ish tune I wrote a couple months ago. I posted this video on YouTube. Given my schedule, we should get to a more formal recording on June 5, 2032 (hint: it’s 1/7/2020 as I write this). 😉    :'(

My goal was simply the contrast of trials/failures and the goodness of life.

Debbie helped title the song. I think I had called it, Enough, the day I wrote it. Her title is better.

Lyrics are in the video and written out below.

Most of What I’ve Got
© 2019 – Matthew Moran, Arrogant Sage Music

I’ve been short a buck a time or two
And I often don’t know what to do
But I still got pride though it’s not often showing

I’ve rapped my knuckles on the street
Bruised, bloody, and broken and in defeat
But I felt the morning sun and seen it glowing

Most of what I’ve got don’t show as much
But I’ve got her love and maybe that’s enough

This world sure got its schemes and plans
Tricks to trip the best of men
But it’s also got its gentle evening breezes

From East to West, from land to land
From North to South, and back again
I wouldn’t trade the heartaches or their reasons

I’ve turned down some dusty roads
Found I’d brought a double load
But even a dusty road will keep you moving

And I don’t have that one hit song
The one that they all sing-a-long
But I’ve got my guitar and I’m still singing

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