New song, Still Gone – songwriter Matthew Moran

A very rough version of a brand new song, Still Gone. I am still working on the vocals and the cadence.

Anyone who has been through a relationship gone wrong will probably relate.

Lyrics below…Still Gone
Copyright © 2010 – Matthew Moran

My friends they call keep telling me it’s for the best
But memories and moments they leave me a mess
And every decision that I second-guess
Leave me certain that I’m failing this test

She still captivates, she still catches my eye
She still makes me wait, she still makes me wonder why

She’s still dealing every card
The Joker, Ace, the Queen of Hearts
She still walks above the clouds
She’s still laughin’, I’m still down

She still calls me from the dark
Those words that tear my soul apart
I turn to look and she’s not there
But still I see her everywhere

She still turns me round and turn me on
I’m still spinning, She’s still gone

Time is what they say will ease the pain
But time with her ‘s the one thing I want back again
Those hours, minutes, seconds that I can’t redeem
Those hours, minutes, seconds taking longer than they seem

She’s still holding on even when she’s letting go
She’s still leading me, she’s still hot, she’s still cold

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