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Yesterday I released my newsletter.

In it, I discussed some of the challenges I had with my current recording and a rush of creativity.
I’m writing a lot of new songs – and while I am happy with the output, it sort of seemed to be derailing me from recording the current CD.
The fact is, it really isn’t derailing me. I am making headway with the new CD. A friend and fellow songwriter (Jim Pipkin) said to me, “Don’t bemoan the muse, Matt. She can be a jealous bitch!”

I’ll take his word for it. He’s been writing songs a lot longer than I have.

As a side note: I mentioned that my muse looks like Raquel Welch in 1 Million Years BC. He replied that I was lucky – his looked like Ma Barker.

My muse
I don’t know if she can write but…

Jim’s muse
but damn can she write 

Also, in fairness to the recording schedule, I have been interviewing/meeting with potential band-members. They have all expressed a desire to be part of the recorded project – and that makes sense.

So rather than simply plow through the recording process, I wrote up chord charts, arrangement ideas, and made demos for them to listen to and work out their respective parts.

One of them is recording at his home studio – remotely collaborating. The other, a female vocalist, is hopefully going to come by this weekend to record.

Needless to say, I really am not bemoaning the muse. Whether she looks like mine or Jim’s, as long as she feeds the mind and pushes the fingers, I’ll welcome her in.

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