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~ a recording project ~

Join me on a musical journey! I'm recording 9 of my songs - chronicling both the story behind the songs and the work and process of recording and producing them.

These songs were written between 2007 and 2020. The order listed is not based on chronology, priority, favoritism. It is just how they got thrown onto paper.

There is no overriding theme for the project, beyond the fact that I like the songs and hope/believe you will too. The songs range in theme from new love, deep heartache, introspection, obsession, recognition, to simple escapism.

Some of these songs are already more fully-produced in that I have drum tracks and other instrumentation from prior sessions. Others have little more than a basic demo from when I originally wrote the song.

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The Project Plan

This seems so formal - which is probably good. The plan is as follows.

Phase 1: An acoustic video:
Just me and my guitar. I'll do a version of each song over the course of the next week or so. I'll also have a video for each song discussing its origin and what I can recall about writing it.

Phase 2: An acoustic recording:
Depending upon the song, these will have slightly more production. Me, my guitar, vocals, backing vocals, and perhaps a few other instruments.

Phase 3: Complete production:
Where applicable, my drummer, some other musicians, and the kitchen sink for good measure.



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The Tide [2/9] - YouTubeLyrics
Escape [1/9] - YouTube | Lyrics

Published Project  - This page | YouTube

© 2005 | Arrogant Sage Music

Lyrics | YouTube

"She is like the see, her love is like a rolling tide
My heart is like the sand, it risks just being swept aside
Then chase in vain pursuit as that wave returns to the sea
Praying that a full-moon brings the tide back to me"

Can you feel me?

© 2010 | Arrogant Sage Music

Lyrics | YouTube

"I've got this old duffel bag full of Colombian stash
Made a trip to the bank, turned my bonds into cash
I got me this Captain, he got him a boat
Gonna make my escape and keep my dreams afloat"

I have a dream/goal of sailing a 30 to 40 foot sailboat from Mallory Square in Key West down to Islands - which led to this song.

© 2008 | Arrogant Sage Music

"I drove by your house today
Unintentional, I'd lost my way
I shouldn't be surprised to see his car"

Well, that should tell you all you need to know about this song. 

© 2008 | Arrogant Sage Music

"Mama mama, can you still hold this child
Seems the path I've taken, has grown so wild"

Another happy ditty... NOT. I wrote this song driving through the desert on my way back from playing music in Utah and Colorado. I'd just gone through my first divorce and was busy cultivating self-loathing with a healthy dose of depression. But, my God! - I do like this song.

© 2009 | Arrogant Sage Music

"The girl is leaving, yeah, she's gone
400 miles toward that setting sun
She caught me messing with another one
The Night is Calling"

And with that admission of bad behavior and love gone wrong, this blues rock tune gets started.

© 2010 | Arrogant Sage Music

"I'm not trying to be a hero
I'm only trying to survive
This Star-Spangled Life of Mine"

Written on September 10th and September 11th. I wanted a realistic tribute to the American Soldier.

© 2020 | Arrogant Sage Music

"In the red-lit room, smoking some dope
My girl and I are visiting, she's giving me hope"

This is what happens when your girl pushes your songwriting notebook at you and commands you to write a song in front of her during a rain-storm at the start of the pandemic.

© 2019 | Arrogant Sage Music

"If we can catch a little break my dear
Perhaps the timing could be right
Can you check to see the coast is clear
Perhaps we'll slip away tonight"

This is what you get when you and your partner see the same vision for the future.

© 2010 | Arrogant Sage Music

"She's a martini, in a little black evening dress
She's tequila, when she puts me to the test
She is fine red wine, having dinner with some friends
She's sangria, with her toes stuck in the sand"

C'mon - admit it - that's a fun verse right there. And "she" sounds like an intriguing one.

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