Noel Ramos assumes role of manager for Songwriter Matthew Moran and RRAMCO

Hey everyone! Look for an official news release soon but I am excited and want to let you know the news.

Noel Ramos, founder of The Indpendent Music Conference and artist managerNoel Ramos, founder of the popular music business conference, The Independent Music Conference (IMC) is now officially managing me, my band, and The Roots, Rock, & Americana Music Collective (

Noel and I have gotten to know each other over the past year – sparking several conversations about music, the business, our goals, and our interest in helping independent musicians.

After I formed RRAMCO (a name that Noel kept pushing me to use), we were discussing the direction my music was taking and my desire to find a manager to take over key activities with RRAMCO and my own music, the ideas was presented that he might be a good candidate for that role.

More conversations, more clarity, a plan of action and then an agreement began crystallizing.

I am excited about taking these next steps with my music and for Noel to be working with me.

If you want to find out more about Noel and his conference, check out:

Noel also runs the IMC Facebook group here:

Want to contact Noel, email him at:

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