Note to my daughter (and to you) on election day

Sara with GuitarI’ve been writing my 14 year old daughter notes each morning for her lunch. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, sometimes exercises in creativity. They are private notes, although she apparently shares them with her friends… This morning, on the day of our presidential election, below is what came out.

I posted it to Facebook and received both a phone call and a couple private messages suggesting that I post it to my blog. I hope you indulge me and I hope you enjoy it!

Note: It is not a political commentary. Any comments that attempt to make it so, will be deleted.. You are missing the point. Thanks!



Today is election day!

Listening to the news or reading Facebook updates would have you believe that it is the MOST IMPORTANT election ever! (they always say this)

But there are much more important elections you face every day.

When you elect to believe & pursue your dreams, that is a daily election.

Elect to encourage others!
Elect to pursue greatness!
Elect to follow God!
Elect to love not hate!
Elect to be the AMAZING YOU!

These are the important elections you face!

Love, Dad


the original note


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    • Thanks David.. I appreciate that. I just had an email exchange with my editor. Hoping to turn about 30 of the notes into a book… non-traditional, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant thoughts on fatherhood, parenting, daughters, etc.

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