Notes to the Girl – Everyday Moments

Back in 2012, when my youngest came to live with me full-time, I would make her lunch and put a note it in. The notes covered topics from the mundane to flights of fancy.

After scanning a few and putting them on Facebook, it was recommended I post them on my blog from time to time as well. And so, here we go!

Everyday Moments with You

This is one of my favorites, so I’ll start with this. Transcription follows:




Hi! I was telling someone that going to the store with you is really fun for me. I thought about this last night, how something so mundane is fun when you are with someone you love.

More than that, when you are with someone whose company you love. It makes normal stuff fun!

It is good to find those people who make “normal” everyday moments fun because most of our time is spent in everyday moments.

I like everyday moments with  you.



It’s still true

The girl and I still go shopping together.. and have fun doing it. Or walk around downtown. Or cook together. Or ????   TOGETHER!

My advice to fathers (and mothers), it’s the time between events that make the relationship…. include them (the girl/the boy) in your everyday moments!

More on this later…

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