NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry – Never

I rarely enter songwriting¬†contest – mostly because I am skeptical of the entry fee and who is judging. But as a die-in-the-wool, This American Life, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, All Things Considered, Hidden Brain, TED Radio Hour, Fresh Air, How To Do Everything, etc. podcast and radio fanatic, I love & trust NPR!

So I entered the Tiny Desk Contest. NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series brings some of the most amazing artist into an intimate setting – their offices..

I found out about the contest late, so I didn’t get a chance to do what I had hoped to from a multi-camera and editing perspective. But, here is my entry… my song, “Never” – lyrics below the video.

I hope you enjoy! Oh.. and share and all that stuff.

© 2013 РMatthew Moran

You’ve moved on baby so have I
But at times I sure do miss your smile and
Late at night I catch you dancing thru my dreams

But I can keep it undercover this
Longing for my first true love and
I’ve learned that moving on ain’t always what it seems

We meet on the street we talk but we
Keep it locked inside
Baby as you say goodbye, keep this in mind

He will never be me
You two will never be us
And though the words might be said
It will never be love

Cuz’ the dream won’t die
As long as the dreamer lives
It just gets pushed to the side
A victim of compromise
And we both settle instead

I still remember our first kiss
You don’t forget a love like this and
Even when I with her you cross my mind

And this seems foolish cuz it’s been broken but
I still hear those words unspoken
Echoing through my head across space and time

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