Of Weddings and Love Songs

My oldest son got married in Michigan a week ago. He asked that my youngest and I perform a few songs at the wedding. We picked out our songs but several people asked if I would be writing a song for the wedding.

I initially balked at the idea. This is their day! Their moment in the sun. It felt a little presumptuous.

But upon reflection (and charges of false humility and laziness) I realized that it isn’t presumptuous. It is what I do. Whether writing a poem for someone or a song, it is a way to connect with the people (my son and his beautiful bride) and the event. It is giving a part of me to them. Well, I hope they see it that way.

A few weeks before the wedding I penned the song below. My youngest and I performed it. During the performance I looked at the couple – saw his new bride crying – and promptly starting crying myself. Yeah.. I’m that guy! So I avoided eye contact and we got through the song.

We’ve started recording it but I wanted to present it to you. This is a simple version – just me and my guitar. The second verse will be recorded by my youngest on our official version. I’ve included the lyrics below the video. Oh.. and some pictures from the wedding below the lyrics.


Year After Year

Copyright © 2015 – Matthew Moran

Step by Step let me lead you my darling
Side by side into this great unknown
Back and forth and over and under
Each new direction a discovery found

I can’t promise you that I will not stumble
& I can’t promise you, you won’t shed a tear
But I will promise you my love ever after
And when you’re looking you will find me right here
Year After Year

Now and then, I remember my lonely
Before we met and the two became one
Those memories fade into moments together
And become our life, when all is said and done



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