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We're booking shows - solo and for Arrogant Sage.

Recording: Star-spangled Life

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Where I Belong

My most recent music project is available for free download

  1. One Night
  2. Something Like Love
  3. I'm Here
  4. Love You Bold
  5. Morning Girl
  6. Everyday Lies
  7. Never
  8. Lonely Mile Man
  9. Highway
  10. Where I Belong
  11. Promise of Love
  12. I'm On Fire



  • March 15, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Career Workshop: Project Management Institute
    College of the Canyons map

    More information to be announced
  • June 21, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Career Workshop: Project Management Institute
    DeVry University, Building D-100, 15301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, USA map

    More information to be announced

From the Blog

New Song – Marie with lyrics

Heading things off at the pass, as this question has already come up… No, there is no Marie. But the named worked well with the song. Actually, there is a Marie at my client and she seems to like the song. It’s certainly not the first song to use her name. But there was no specific […]

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Audio Recorded After Waking From Two Dreams

A not podcast Let’s call this a podcast. Episode #1 of Matt’s Unremarkable Dreams. It’s likely a launch and farewell episode. Last night, after waking from two back to back dreams, I decided to record what I remembered on my phone. I don’t often remember my dreams and typically make the mistake, upon waking from […]

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Sleeping with Prostitutes

Ha.. clickbait. It worked, you’re here! Now let me explain my indiscretion in a little more detail! I sleep with prostitutes from time to time. I know it isn’t what’s best for me. But I also know I’m not alone (because I’m with her, right?). It started years ago with a conversation at a client. […]

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Advice to President Trump on Being Called a Moron

Dear Mr. President, I read that you are furious at being referred to as a “moron.” Given my last name, I feel imminently eminently* qualified to offer you some advice on how to best react and respond to being called a moron. * special thank you to itinerant editor, Kerry Brown. I have, in jest – […]

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Presentation: The Entrepreneurial Careerist – proactive and creative professional growth

Next week, Wednesday, October 4th, I’m speaking at the Challenger Networking Group LA’s monthly meeting. I’ve given this presentation a few times the past couple of months. I enjoy it because it is a free-flowing, no audio/visuals, off-the-cuff series of anecdotes and audience interaction. Here is a promo image I created. Also, here is a […]

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Throw Away The Box

“Boxes are for holding things, minds are for exploring things.” Throw Away The Box: Origins During a business presentation in Phoenix several years ago, an attendee asked this question during the Q & A. “What did you do with your kids and what did your parents do to make you, and them, think so far […]

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