"Moran’s music is sweet, in tune, and hip in nature... Paul Simon combined with a bit of Hootie and the Blowfish… everything from slow and chill country to rock & roll that raises your blood pressure a few notches."
Tom Laurie, Music Connection Magazine

I moved my newsletter to Substack

FROM MAILCHIMP TO SUBSTACK Recently, I moved my newsletter to Substack from Mailchimp. This post and the video embedded below explains why. You can find me here: https://matthewmoran.substack.com/ I like Mailchimp. It’s worked great and I have helped a number of clients set it up and use it for their newsletter. It allows API integration […]

Image of songwriter, Matthew Moran. Also a rustic American Flag with the words, American Dream on the top

American Dream – acoustic recording & lyric video

AMERICAN DREAM I wrote American Dream back in 2009, following the housing/banking crash. Reflecting on how the US routinely bails out large corporate interest rather than supporting and protecting the middle-class, the song was an amalgamation of ideas. The misguided pursuit of fortune over the pursuit and cultivation of relationships and the plight of the […]