Pulling Ponytails – a song about boys teasing girls

performing pulling ponytails in the music roomI’ve played this song live a few times during acoustic sets. Tom, my drummer, generally says he won’t play country but concedes that he will play this tune. Recently, at some listener’s promptings, I shot a video of me performing it in my music room.

The video has the lyrics but I’ve also included them below the video.

The Story Behind The Song

I was chatting on Facebook with a long-time friend who recalled me chasing her with a fish-head when we were kids. It prompted a discussion about my fairly consistent teasing and why boys tease girls in general.

I suggested that is was all, “Pulling Ponytails” – a way for boys, terrified of girls, to get close to them.

In verse #1, I mention a girl named Tina. There really was a girl named Tina in Kindergarten and my friend Derek and I liked her. We did, in fact, pull her hair at least once.. and Mrs. Pike (meanest kindergarten teacher ever – or I was just a rotten kid… maybe both) dragged me from the room… but, alas, Tina never did favor me.. She liked Derek as I remember it.

Truth be told, I still find girls terrifying but the conversation prompted this song, Pulling Ponytails. I hope you enjoy it. Watch it below or directly on YouTube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQl4wcUdFYY]


Pulling Ponytails

Copyright © 2009 РMatthew Moran


Little Tina caught my fancy my kindergarten year
She didn’t know who I was or didn’t seem to care
One day in line for the monkey bars thought I’d try a different tact
So I grabbed her pretty hair and pulled her back

Tina cried, said I’d done her harm
That teacher grabbed me by the arm
but I looked back as I was led away
And saw Tine wave and smile back at me

Pulling Ponytails, just looking for a rise
If I can’t find the words to say, You know I’ll improvise
Some ladies call me a devil, some say, “go to hell”
but some just smile and laugh, kiss and tell
And that’s why I’m still Pulling Ponytails

A blond, brunette, and a redhead on a night out on the town
Not taking any callers no they’d turned us poor boys down
Slid a round of drinks down the bar to them but my aim just wasn’t there
Now Margaritas on their clothes and in their hair

The blond just up and walked away
The brunette had some choice words to say
But that redhead shook her head then shook my hand
Said I’m Tammy Lynn and your my kind of man

It’s been 20 years since that night and Tammy’s still my heart’s delight
She puts up with me and my childish ways
Like hiding behind the bedroom door
Or a rubber snake in the panty drawer
Her little scream is worth the price I know I’ll pay
And I wonder how can I pull her ponytails today

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