Recap from Las Vegas and Salt Lake.. Performances, workshops, and Haunted Hotels

Re-cap and re-focusing the band and performances

I got back from my short trip out to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago. I’ve been remiss on writing and posting my recap. So.. here it is.

Live Music at The Freakin Frog in Las VegasVegas Baby – Freakin’ Workshops and Freakin’ Music

I got into Vegas and spoke at Sam Ash Music for Songsalive! I met Candace Kruse and the rest of the Songsalive! Vegas team. We discussed booking, promotion, social media, blah blah blah.. Then I got to review and critique some songs. I performed “South to Mexico” and spoke about my songwriting process.

The next day I spoke at The International Pizza Expo and then on Thursday evening, I performed at The Freakin’ Frog.

“The Frog” is a cool off-strip venue in Vegas. Interestingly enough, after I got booked there a couple years ago I discovered it was owned by a friend from High School. So, I got the chance to sit with him for an hour or so and catch up on old times.

my stay in a haunted hotelLodging with Vampires

I left late Thursday evening and drove North toward’s Salt Lake. In Mesquite I stopped at a Casino to get a cheap room. They were completely booked but were booking some $20 overflow rooms in the now closed Oasis casino.

It was weird because it was almost 3:00AM. At the first casino – the one with no rooms, they looked at my license and took a $20 bill for the room. No deposit. I was told there were no amenities. Basically, a bed, running water, clean towels, and a clock.

I drove back to the Oasis – found my way to their parking garage..  It was dimly lit, demolition everywhere. I parked and walked through the parking structure – realizing that it was mostly vacant. It looked like the precise spot you die in a horror movie. I kept moving…

Then I got into the hotel lobby – signs indicating everything was closed. The carpet was tattered and folded over. Down a long-hallway to my room.. there was the occasional paper or Styrofoam cup on the floor and other debris.

I looked over my shoulder, back up the hall, half-expecting some werewolf looking creature to be waiting there.. not to mention my fear that two young girls were going to appear in the hall and ask me to play with them, forever and ever and ever..

As it turns out, I survived the night without a vampire or bed bug bite.. so all was well. Fortunately, Pam, my house concert host in Salt Lake provided my wakeup call and got me back on the road so I would make it to Salt Lake in time for the evening’s performance.

Playing music at in Salt Lake

Sharing the stage with Buddy at The Music Garage

Salt Lake City and

I made it up to Salt Lake and that evening played a small house concert type gig at  It was going to be a house concert but we moved the venue to Steve Auerbach’s place at his request. Very cool room and as you can see, his dog Buddy loves the stage as well.

The next night I performed as part of a benefit back at the

Then I stayed up until about 3 in the morning talking with my ex ex sister-in-law and her daughter. Ex ex, as in, my ex-wife’s brother’s ex-wife… :-/  family…

We talked about songwriting and I’m going to write another blog entry about my experience songwriting while driving… Suffice to say, I wrote lyrics for 3 different songs this trip. Two on my way from Los Angeles to Vegas. One – Ashley’s song – on my drive back from Salt Lake to Los Angeles.

More on this later. Plus the band is going to be performing several times in the next couple months, so look for those blog entries too.

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