Recording with Reaper and teaching others the same

My article on recording with Reaper for songwriters was published at PerformerMag recently.

Here's the link.

And the online magazine cover. Being featured is cool! 😉 

Songwriter and performer Matthew Moran

A couple tips for getting started:

  1. Start already. 
    Seriously. When my oldest was learning technology (he's now a software developer - self-taught) and I was giving him a few tasks, I would often try to head off every problem he might come across at the proverbial pass. I would think, "He's going to run into this, so I'd better explain this potential pitfall before he does or he will get discouraged."

    A wise friend told me, "Do not rob him of the frustration and the joy of discovery."

    When I consider my own journey in technology, playing guitar, songwriting, and recording, I realize how true this is. You must go through the pain and experience the joy of learning mostly on your own. Or at least, I believe that is the best way to build confidence and competence.

    So - download Reaper, join the online community, and get one thing recorded.

  2. Start small.
    You do NOT need to record an album. You don't even need to record a full song. Record an intro, verse, and chorus. Then build a little on that. Record your vocals. Record some backing vocals. Add too much reverb (you will). Try adding some EQ. That's enough for week #1.
  3. Ask questions
    Do not spend hours banging your head against the wall. Ask questions - though, before you do, use Google and, for sure, read through the community forums for Reaper. Just peruse them for tidbits of knowledge. Even posts that are not directly related to what you want to know will help you gain understanding.
  4. Concept Over Process
    I teach this to IT professionals but it applies here. You need to know where to click to make X happen. But, more important, you should understand why. The truth is, features change - buttons move - interfaces are updated. If you are focused too tightly on the process (where to click), every time there is a change, you'll end up sounding like the angry old man telling those damn kids to get off his lawn. 
  5. Have Fun!!
    If I have to explain this... 

I'll be doing additional training on Reaper in the next several weeks. Look for it. Plus, I'll be releasing some music soon. Look for it. 

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