Say Yes To Me – a song

“Writer’s believe they have something to say but are surprised as hell when anyone reads them.”

I can’t recall where I read the quote above. And to be honest, that’s probably a butchered paraphrase. But the idea is solid.

It’s a strange confidence when you know you write well; both the way you write (your cadence and structure – cadence, the most important) and what you have to say. Because there is a corresponding insecurity.

But when I wrote this song, there were so many phrases and turns that I loved. You may call it arrogance but in this case, I’ll call it awareness. 😉

Needless to say, I wrote this back in 2014 during a flurry of songwriting activity. I believe I had written four or five songs in three days.

I have a video below and then the lyrics.


Say Yes To Me

Copyright © 2014 – Matthew Moran


Does everybody know
Can everybody see
Does it really show
The way you got inside of me

And do I really care
Girl, I guess I really don’t
Should I try to hide it
I’m guessin’ that I won’t

You’ve been dreaming of a night like tonight
And I’ve been searching for you half my life
My hands are shaking and I’m weak in the knees
I gotta know know know know know
Will you please say yes to me

Kissing your skin
Stroking your hair
I’m losing myself
By finding us here

Hearing your sigh
Soft under your breath
Am I doing this right
Am I passing this test

All this loneliness gone – at the touch of your hand
And all this time that we spend – whoa I’m saying

Do I really care
Girl, you know I really do
When I look into my future
I see everything with you

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