She Knows Love – acoustic performance video

I love the simplicity and vibe of this song. I have the lyrics below the video.



She Knows Love
© 2009 - Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music

Verse 1:
Everything About Her Takes My Breath Away
Her gentle and her passion they go hand in hand
She always seems to know exactly what I need
Cuz what I need is just what she is giving me.

I've been taken for a turn
There are lessons that I've learned
And of this there is no doubt

She knows love, she knows love, she knows love
And what it's about

Verse 2:
Morning comes and she is smiling with the sun
Her coffee and her kisses make my motor run
& I can't understand all that she sees in me
But in her eyes I see everything that I can be

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