She’s a Lady – an acoustic performance from the loft

Song: She’s a Lady

Rick Boggs, an audio engineer and founder of Audio Eyes, wrote this upon hearing the song:

She's A Lady may be Matt Moran's best contribution to the world's collection of songs about the timeless, always relevant, most beloved topic of all: the power of the impact of the female kind… …As a sunny day, feel good tune, tied to real feelings of love and desire, this is a keeper.

I didn’t even have to pay him for that!!!

I’ve included lyrics and some nerdy technical specs below the video. I processed the vocal audio with more reverb than normal… I like how it feels with this tune.

Can't define just how I feel
I've been living with emotion that is so unreal
I walk these busy streets alone
My only friends the hopes and dreams I can't let go

Her presence crosses my lonely path
Perfume scent and I can't hold back

The lady she moves me
Sends a shock right through me
Then fades into the moonbeams at night

First she crept into my daydreams
Now I must admit she's all I see
And I know you know what I mean, tonight
She's a Lady alright

The morning sun it hurts my eyes
I've been thinking all night so it's no surprise
The desire she fuels inside of me
Are the chains to this prison and I can't break free

Her smile it haunts my emptiness
Her vision it puts me to the test

TECH DETAILS: (for the music nerd)

Audio: Recorded with two mics, 1 for vocals (Rode NT-1) and 1 for guitar (MXL 990) through a Mackie Big Knob Studio interface into Reaper (DAW/software).
Audio Processing: EQ, Compression, & Reverb
Video: Recorded on my Canon EOS RP with our 15-35 Canon lens
Video Processing: Lyrics and fx in Davinci Resolve 18 and then rendered and uploaded to YouTube.

Thanks again for dropping by.

Matthew Moran
November 15, 2022

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