Sleeping at the coffeehouse

This makes me chuckle to think about.

I love coffee! I love naps! I like making people laugh. In fact, I like falling asleep to the ambient noise of people talking. This story involves all of it.

Yesterday, I was meeting a friend for a comedy show in Hollywood. Her business is in North Hollywood-ish and we were driving together. So I drove over early and found a coffeehouse on Cahuenga… Moby’s Coffee & Tea.

It’s a cool & casual place. I’d never noticed it before. I grabbed a decaf latte and got to work.

I was meeting around 5. At 4:30, I started nodding-off. So I moved from the table where I was sitting to one of many soft chairs they have. I spoke briefly to the guy next to me. We were both new to this coffee shop. There was a young lady sitting at a table across from me.

I set my phone-alarm for 5 and told the guy next to me I was going to try to sleep for a few minutes.

Suddenly, I am dreaming that I hear this music over and over again. After 30-40 seconds, I start to realize that I’m not in bed.

My eyes open, the guy next to me has moved to the table I was at originally. There are probably 8-10 patrons in the store and everyone is looking at me as my phone-alarm is ringing loudly and incessantly. Both baristas are also looking at me.

Fortunately, everyone is smiling and I realize that I’ve been out… really out. My alarm had been going for quite some time as I woke up.

I grab my phone and turn of the alarm. As I sit up, I say, “Someone should have just come over and kicked my feet or something.” Everyone starts laughing.

The guy who was sitting in a chair next to me, but had moved to the table says, “I had to move. You fell asleep and then I started falling asleep.”

I packed up and walked out. As I left, I said to the female barista, “Thanks for the nap.” More laughter from the people in the shop.

I’m just glad I provided some comic relief for the patrons. But, if you are near Cahuenga & Burbank, skip the corporate coffeehouse and visit Moby’s. They’re good for a coffee, a  nap, and  a chuckle!

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  1. A “decaff latte”!….. The moral of this tale is not to drink decaff. But aside from sleeping, coffee with its very essence removed (by nasty chemicals) isn’t coffee – a song without soul, in a world without love 😉

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