Song: Family Man

Family Man

© 2017 – Matthew Moran/Arrogant Sage Music

1999 – Vasquez Rocks

A simple acoustic recording I did the morning I wrote it. Download here: (right-click/save as) or listen below.


Tip tip tapping on the office door, daddy let me in
Holding a teddy bear, a bottle and a blanket, it’s edges wearing thin
I bend down and pick her up, feel her shivering
Just a glimpse through the windows of the memories of this family man

The first time riding round the block alone, it’s a big event
Me and his mother standing out in front there to wait for him
Worry turns to pride as the boy on the bike comes around the bend
It’s the pendulum of the emotions of this family man


It’s what I’ve known for most my life
And all I’ve wanted to get right
Sometimes the best plans of men
Fall apart and come crashing down to the ground


That letter from the court sits unopened, I know what it says
Everything I was before is tossed to the wind
And where I find my purpose is unraveling
The grief and the shame of a broken family man


It’s what I’ve known for most my life
And God knows I won’t get this right
But when it’s all laid on the line
The ones I love the most still want some time



Meet my youngest son for dinner and to catch a game
He says, “Dad I don’t know how to walk out of this shame”
And we both cry but I tell him it will be okay
It’s a path that I know well, I’m a broken family man
After all my mistakes, I’m still a family man
By the grace of God, I’m a family man
Ask me what I love the most, It’s my family, man.

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