Song: Making Peace with the War

A newer song I wrote with a blues feel. I introduced to the band (Arrogant Sage) last week at rehearsal and we performed it admirably for a, "Hey guys, here is something you've never played before." That is the benefit of playing with better players than myself.

I have a, "How it was written" and then the lyrics further down the page. I also have the lyrics in the video. Enjoy! And, of course, share to your hearts content. 😉 


How it was written

I'm often asked whether I write my lyrics first or the music. The answer... YES!

Sometimes I have musical ideas, melodies, chord progressions, etc. and they lead to a feeling - that feeling leads to lyrics. That used to be my primary method but then a few years ago, I determined that writing to a theme, a lyrically idea or story, was important in my development as a songwriter. That lead to my song, South to Mexico. I decided to write a Mexico song. Many of the lyrics came first and then I wrote the music - finishing the lyrics or editing them based on where I took the melody and music.

I wrote the first verse to this song early one morning. I had no music in mind - just a general sense of the song. Later that morning I drove up to my girlfriends house. The rest of the lyrics were written during a 40 minute drive - the bulk of the lyrics recorded into my phone while on the 210 freeway between Pasadena and where it meets the 5 North. I got to her house, told her I had a song and showed her the lyrics. She loved them! 

She jumped into the shower and I put the lyrics to a very simple chord progression and melody - mostly capturing what you see/hear above. Writing songs is NOT always that fast for me - although, it often is. I also have at least 100 songs or lyric snippets in various stages of completion without any music. Some of those snippets are 10 years old. I've taken to storing them in a couple different Google docs. 

Anyway... writing while driving is a common practice for me. Usually it occurs on longer drives - say, between LA and Phoenix or Utah and Vegas to Los Angeles. A voice recorder certain helps make that feasible.

Okay... on to the lyrics.

Lyrics for Making Peace with the War

Making Peace with the War
© 2019 Matthew Moran

I once believed that I was a good man
Until I was exposed to the darkness within
And then you found me and I found my religion
And sacrificed all to the song and the sin

I've jumped from the pan, right into the fire
Fell from on high to the valley below
Turning my back on what I've known and I was
And I'm making peace with the war in my soul

My mama told me son you are here for a reason
But I've lost my way so many times
Destiny it feels like a dried-up old river
And I'm like a prophet missing all of the signs

Shackled and chained by every decision
A captive more of my body than of my soul
Bored of this life and the days that go crawling
But afraid of the unknown,so I’ll never let go

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