Song Story – All I Want is Everything

“Hey Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa. I want you to get me an Oompa Loompa right away.  …    I want an Oompa Loompa now!!” – Veruca Salt, Willy Wonka
– continue reading and that quote will make more sense.

I’m impatient! My friends know this. When I set my mind on something I want it and I want it now. That impatience played a part in writing the song, “All I Want Is Everything.”

Here is the video, with lyrics, from a recent performance with the band.

All I Want Is Everything

The Matt Moran Band – All I Want Is Everything

In 2009 I was making what felt like great strides musically, with consulting work, and in some writing projects. One of these was the formation of a band.

I had moved back to California, Rebecca was in Arizona. We were having our nightly phone conversation and I was complaining about how all these projects were taking too long to get moving.

In true self-centered fashion, I was ranting, “I just want everything! I want everything right now!” (don’t call me Veruca)  I’m sure my language and tone was colored with frustration.

When I took a moment to breath, Rebecca said quietly, “All I want is you.”

Come on everyone, in unison, “Awwww. . . . .”

It stopped me in my tracks. I told her that was one of the sweetest things I’d ever heard. What happened next is subject to debate.

My perspective:
I told Rebecca I thought there was a song in there; the phrase. We ended our conversation, said our goodbye’s and I love you’s and retired for the evening.

Rebecca’s perspective:
I said excitedly, “There is a song in there. Talk to you tomorrow.” At which point I quickly hung up!

You’ll have to make your determination as to which story is most accurate.

I woke early the next morning – about 4:30 or so. By 6:30 I had recorded and uploaded a rough version of this song. I proceeded to text Becky, finally waking her up, and asked her to check her email. I had sent her the song. (I told you I am impatient)

It has become a favorite for both the band and the audience.


All I Want Is Everything
Copyright © 2009 – Matthew Moran

She said, Baby I must confess
I’m missing you, yeah I’m a mess
I reach out for you and your not here
I call for you and your not there

I hear you saying that you just want everything
Don’t you know I want the same thing too
She said, All I want is everything and baby that means
All I want is you

I want the sunlight on your face
to be your storm, your sea, your resting place
To kiss you awake, to kiss you to bed
and a brand new day to start it all again

I want passion that won’t ever end
To be your every lover and your one true friend
I want to fill your mind with fantasy
I want to chain you down, I want to set you free

I want to be your morning & be your night
Be there to make up after every fight
I want the best of you and I want your worst
I want to feed your hunger and quench your thirst

I want your 10 cent and 4-letter words
I want your rational and I want your absurd
I want love that burns hot to the touch
Yeah I want everything, is that too much

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  1. I don’t know if this is necessarily in unison, but “AWWWWWWWWW”, Matt. That is one of the most beautiful precursors to writing a song, that I think I’ve ever heard. I want to hear the song, so badly, now. All I want is to give you a big enough hug to encompass the past 12 years ! I love you, buddy !!! >3

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