New Music – Take Your Cares Away

I was coerced into writing this song

I'm not complaining but it is the truth.

A couple weeks ago, during an evening storm, my girlfriend and I were in my room talking and playing guitar. We had opened the window to listen to the rain and I started playing a simple Em riff. She liked it and said, "Write a song."

I protested, "I can't just write on queue. I sort of zone out and have to go to a private place in my head."

She smiled and pushed the pen and my notebook back to me. I could see there was no way out...

Autobiographical except where it is not

Disclaimer: I am neither indicating that were were smoking anything or NOT smoking anything. 😉  My songs are rarely directly autobiographical. They are snippets of emotions I've experienced and a healthy dose of asking, "what if?"

In part my goal was to write a song about the current shelter in place/social isolation caused by the Coronavirus and to NOT write about it. ie: It's a backdrop but life & love is still happening.

I'll be adding some elements to the recorded version of the song but several listeners have asked for a downloadable version. So.. you can get that below.

Free download

Listen here (or in the video) and feel free to download here. (right-mouse click and download)

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