Songwriter and Band Press Kit

Songwriter Matthew Moran and The Matt Moran Band Press Kit

Modern Americana, intelligent lyrics, hook-laden melodiesI’ve updated my songwriter’s press kit. My band’s configuration/membership changed almost a year ago and it was time to re-list members and get new information out there. Additionally, a friend has come on board to help with bookings this year.

Feel free to download the press-kit as a PDF or as a print-ready image. Thank you to Noel Ramos for cleaning up my transparent image/overlay. He isn’t just the founder of the IMC – but also coaches musicians and helps with graphics and design.

Also, a special thank you to Val King, Editor at Rock Revolt Magazine – for wonderful feedback, a great review (who doesn’t love being a “yummy concoction”), and also helped write my press kit.

Presentations and Music

Last year, I began incorporating music into some of my business and academic presentations. This has been very well-received – fun, motivational, and creative. If you are interested in some type of combination keynote or workshop plus music for your college or professional organization, I would love to speak with you.

It started with me visiting Sullivan College to discuss social media, a no-nonsense approach with a focus on content creation and sharing across social platforms, and then I provided a 45 minute concert. Fun for me and based on feedback, fun for them too.

Since then, I’ve spoken and performed for a number of professional organizations. Is yours next?

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