Songwriter Merchandise – t-shirt designs

Put together some merchandise (t-shirt) ideas together and have been getting feedback. I would love yours as well.

The idea was initially full lyric sections. Then just the hook/song title. For Dangerous Girl and A Little Bit of Everything, it made sense to do a 2-sided shirt.

She’s a Dangerous Girl was simple…
Front: She’s a…
Back: Dangerous Girl!!
Dangerous Girl t-shirt

She’s a little bit of Everything is more complicated.. so I did 2..
Front: She’s a…
Back: Little bit of Everything!!

She's a little bit of everything t-shirt


Front: She’s a little bit of…
Back: Everything!!

band merchandise - songwriter t-shirt, lyrics

Which one? All?

Here are some of the other designs:

lyrics t-shirt - she's a dangerous girl
“The boots come on when the sun goes down
From lace to leather, suburbia to downtown
She’s a Dangerous Girl!!”

lyrics on t-shirt - she's a sangria with her toes stuck in the sand
“She’s  a Sangria with her toes stuck in the sand.
She’s a little bit of everything”

songwriter matthew moran
“She’ a Dangerous Girl!!”

performing songwriter merchandise

“She’ a little bit of Everything!!”

merchandise for touring
“Dice have never rolled eyes of blue
but Lady Love can,
I’ll bet my 3 to your 2”

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