Songwriter: Story Behind the Song – Decision Road

Everyone doubts themselves! Universally, songs about facing self-doubt resonate with people because people, in their souls, carry deep doubts about who they are and what they’ve done; how they’ve lived their lives.

That is where Decision Road came from.

I am unabashedly open these days about my failures. Particularly in those areas that I deemed most important to me: family, love, relationships. Not that I write a lot about them in a public forum, but with my children and close friends, I have had to eat some large helpings of humble pie.

Humble pie is a sour fare but also seems to feed the soul.

I wrote Decision Road very much top-down. The way it reads is the way it was written. I had the little 4 chord riff a couple days prior to writing the song. I was not, at the time, particularly moody or reflective but the riff seemed to drive a sort of melancholy.

The first verse is very much a feet in the sand, leave me to my own devices, I don’t need your help or criticism, perspective.

Verse two addresses doubt in the most critical area of life for most of us – our love. The relationship that seems to have the most promise and safety.

The bridge is a realization of our weakness; the inability to control much of our life.

And finally, the last verse is a call for forgiveness and help.


Decision Road
Copyright 2009 © Matthew Moran – Sounds Like Life

One step forward, two steps back, it seems the way I go
Navigate life’s messy path the only way I know

I don’t seek forgiveness
I don’t pray for my mortal soul
I don’t make excuses
I just keep dragging my bones down Decision Road

Is love just a warm caress that time turns dark and cold
Is sugar sweet just bitterness at the final curtain call

I just wanted your soft kiss
I just wanted a hand to hold
I just wanted devotion
Now I just want to carry my heart down Decision Road

& every night I face my demons
Shame & regret I can’t let go
& with the light, life and the living
One more event I can’t control

With each mistake a lesson learned, I’ve filled my textbook full
With each word I’ve had to eat, I’ve swallowed that crow whole

I’m asking forgiveness
Please pray for my mortal soul
Take my excuses
& help me find me way down Decision Road

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