Songwriter & Performer

You’ve found your way to my music page.. woo hoo! Relax and stay awhile. Take some time, steal some music. . I write and perform what I call, “Modern Americana” – if genre’s must be identified, that’s it, I suppose.

Acoustically driven rock / contemporary country mixture.
But let’s just call it good music, shall we?

I perform solo, at small venues and house concerts, and with my band, Arrogant Sage. (see below about the name)

I’m due for another CD/project, but you can download “Where I Belong” here.

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About Arrogant Sage Music

I was chatting with someone online.. (I’ve written a few songs based on those chats) and was offering some life advice.. a testament to their lack of judgement I suppose.

They said, “You are a sage.. a bit arrogant but a sage nonetheless.”

And voila.. Arrogant Sage became the band and the label.

Some music

I’ll be adding links to the projects below very soon.

Girls, Songs, & Other Delusions
Where I Belong
… and others…

In the meantime, here are a few songs.

Dangerous Girl (download)

South to Mexico (download)

Morning Girl (download)