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WHERE I BELONGI recently completed recordings on the following 12 songs. These are mostly acoustic recordings but a couple have additional instrumentation. Listen to the songs below or download the songs here.


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Song Stories

12 songs – mostly acoustic – and the stories behind them.

One Night (4:24)

Or… how Google Maps can help you write a song. I was looking at a map, pondering a house concert and small venue tour. At that point, I was looking at going up the West Coast to Washington, across the Coeur D’Alene, ID – out to Bozeman, MT, and then down through Salt Lake, Vegas, and back to Los Angeles.

The line, “Heading South for Los Angeles from Coeur d’Alene” was the first line I wrote and remains the first line of the song. The song is a musing about a romantic meeting (read one night stand) while on the road to Los Angeles. Actually, the two people meet at a truck stop but then later meet up in Vegas.

I am often asked if this is a true story???

While I have slept at a truck stop while touring, there are really NOT a lot of people I am looking to meet there at 2am… or I am too tired to notice them. Needless to say, the story may be true… for someone. 😉

Something Like Love (3:04)

A long overdue visit, delayed by a re-routed flight. I love how this song turned out and am particularly fond of the simple bridge.

I’m Here (3:22)

I was thinking about cliched song lyrics. “Loving you until the end of time..” for instance. I thought it would be fun to write a cliched idea but then call myself on it. That lead to the first two lines:

I want to kiss you in the moonlight
So cliche but so brand new


Guilty as charged!

A simple idea – I can only offer you my simple gentleness.. but if you need that, I’m Here.

Love You Bold (2:51)

Again, a simple idea – and oft-repeated.. I don’t have money or a big house – but I can love you strong and love you bold!!! Like coffee! 😉

Morning Girl (3:56)

I wrote this toward the end of 2008. It made it onto my 2009 CD, “Girls, Songs, and Other Delusions”. It is one of my favorite songs – if I’m allowed to select one of my own songs as one of my own favorites.

That early CD had 2 songs with “Girl” in the title.. Dangerous Girl and Morning Girl. And shouldn’t any girl be a little of both? Morning Girl is about what I consider the most romantic time of the day!

A friend offered a lyrical improvement in 2013 so I decided to re-record it.

Everyday Lies (4:16)

A song about a guy in a band losing his girl to another guy in the band. As I often say during live shows.. It’s not a true story.. I would never lose a girl to a guy in my band. 😉

I wrote this in 2006. I’m always asked whether I write music or lyrics first. Years ago it was always music first – that’s changed dramatically. But this song started with the intro guitar riff. I think I probably played it for a year before I sat down to put lyrics to it. No real reason behind that other than I had other songs coming along.

Never (3:42)

A catchy tune with some attitude – about not quite letting go of love while letting the other person know where their relationship stands.

Lonely Mile Man (3:35)

Another song from my 2009 CD. I wanted to re-record some vocals and acoustic guitar parts. Plus the song deserved to be put on a new CD.

I wrote this after meeting Jim Pipkin for the first time at a songwriter’s showcase in Scottsdale. I wrote the chorus while driving home from that event (not recommended for safety’s sake). I sent the lyrics to Jim and he responded with an entire song built around the chorus. His song was completely different from what I eventually came up with but probably better. He’s a great songwriter.

About a year later, I sat down with the chorus I’d written and finished the song. It was the first song I recorded on that early CD.

Highway (3:25)

One of my newer songs. A 2014 tune that I wrote after looking at a beautiful sunset against the Los Angeles skyline. The line, “Bright lines and buildings at my back” struck imagery of leaving the city.  Why  leave the city? A woman.. and a desire for something simpler.. the highway.

It’s a driving song for sure.

Where I Belong (3:49)

The title track for the CD was written in 2009 – about a year after my 1st divorce. It was a time reflecting on was proving to be a very rough and self-reflective road. I was feeling a little better – a little more “myself” (whatever that means).

I wanted to write a song that was both reflective of that time and hopeful – a call to get back to the mindset of pursuing my dreams.

In many ways, 2014 was similar and this year, 2015, I plan on more growth, more writing, and more music! I’m grateful to everyone who comes along for the ride.

Promise of Love (4:07)

I really like this tune. I like the lyrical quality and the hopeful message. It is a reflection on relationships – how they start, how they do and don’t work – and a celebration on starting anew.

I’m On Fire (4:26)

This was written soon after Where I Belong. It is both a nostalgic and hopeful look at life and living – from three perspectives. My personal past, some reflections while thinking about my 2nd child, and the shared experience of humanity working to figure things out.

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