PMI-LA Transitions

Thank you for welcoming me to your meeting

I want to thank everyone who attended the PMI Los Angeles Job Transitions meeting at College of the Canyons last night (September 18th). I had a great time and hope you enjoyed the presentation and found it valuable. I’ve provided a link to the slides below.

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Also, read below the image for some additional information.

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Spread the word plus a little more

I hope you picked up on the sheer joy I get from sharing information and music. As I stated, I find life, “Amazing!“. If you know of an organization or business that would benefit from my presentations, let me know.

Also, if you enjoyed the music, consider hosting a house concert!

What’s a house concert, Matt?

I’m so happy you asked. Great question. Very simply, I perform an intimate, lightly amplified, acoustic evening of music in your home. For songwriters, it is the greatest way to get your music to a listening audience. And for the host, it provides an amazing community event for you and your music loving friends. Plus, you will be even cooler than you already are!

No fear, no stress!
This is important. You don’t need to open your home to hundreds of people. 5, 10, 20 – it’s all good!. You don’t need to get extravagant. I help guide and/or create invitations for you. You may provide some cheese, crackers, and grapes – nibbling food – for your guest. Attendees may bring a bottle of wine, etc. (or not based on your desires & house rules). No need to decorate and no special arrangements. No tickets either, it is a donation only affair.

I provide more information on my house concert information page.

For both speaking/presentation referrals and if you want house concert details, use the form below and let me know.

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