The Story Behind The Song – Make You Feel

Occasionally, I discuss how a certain song comes about or songwriting in general. I do it when I play all the time. Every song has a story, doesn’t it? I was asked to do this on my blog more often.. And because I am so compliant 😉 I’ll oblige that request.

A quick note about home recording

Matt Moran discusses his songwritingI’ve been playing around with Reaper lately. Both to get some acoustic demos recorded for the band and also to have an acoustic CD for those coffeehouse gigs. See About Reaper Below.

Make You Feel – the song

I used to announce this song by talking about James Taylor’s song, Handy Man. That was until my guitarist at the time, Elliot, pointed out that Mr. Taylor didn’t write that song. It was written by Jimmy Jones and Otis Blackwell. I modified my intro to “made popular by James Taylor.”

The song is sort of funny.. Women find it sexy (hell, I find it sexy) but when you really break it down, it is about a schmuck telling women to send their friends to him.. he’ll fix their broken hearts.. all of them. He’s busy 24 hours a day! Sheesh! We are talking stamina and vitality.

That’s the thing about songwriting..  you can write a song that is non-virtuous and totally fictional, and create an image that is somehow appealing.

When i wrote “Make You Feel” I wanted to write about the same guy! I’m happy with how it turned out. This is an acoustic rendition but we love doing it as a band as well. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © Matthew Moran – 2007 (this recording 2013)

About Reaper

Reaper, in case you don’t know, is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).. aka: recording software. It is basically like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, and others. They provide a free download eval copy that NEVER runs out.. But, if you are going to use it, pay for it. It cost either $60 or about $300 depending on whether you are a full-blown studio or an individual or non-profit.

It accepts every plug-in I’ve thrown at it and has great instructions – both a downloadable PDF and online community.

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