Sunrise & Sedona – Story behind the song

I wrote this back in 2006 or so. I could go back to journals and find out exactly when but it would have been July/August as July 29th was my anniversary.

My wife and I were staying on the shore of Oak Creek in Sedona. I woke early, took my coffee and guitar down to the creek and watched the sun come up.

I mused a story where a young women left the hustle and bustle of the city, made it to Sedona, and never left.

Enjoy! (lyrics below)

Sunrise & Sedona

© 2015 – Matthew Moran

She said it was sunrise and Sedona
That made her lose her mind that way
Caught somewhere between the river and red canyon wall
And she said she didn’t need it anyway

She hopped a West bound plane from Chicago
Touched down in the heat of a desert storm
Not real sure, what she hoped to find
But certain that she couldn’t find it back at home

Found sanctuary in the mountains
Walking beside a clear, cold stream
And there she swears, she kissed the face of God
Spent the rest of the week like in a dream

Left the city an attorney
Now she paints and serves coffee on the street
And never regrets, the race of rats she’s left
Or the cold desperation beneath her feet

Her mother thinks she might be crazy
Her sister tried to talk her back today
But when that morning sun sets* gold across the sky
Sanity seems a small price to pay

* I actually sang the song wrong but after 7 or 8 takes decided NOT to redo it. The correct lyric is, “But when that morning sun SPREADS gold across the sky”

Oh well.. live with it! 😉

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