An Open Letter from Matthew Moran

Will you help me?

It has been said that if you do not ask, the answer is always, “No!”. I am also aware that if you do ask, the answer is still often, “No!”. With that being said, I think it makes sense for me to share what I am doing and let you know how you might help.

A brief backstory 

If you know me, you know that briefly worded missives are NOT my strong suit. Snarky Verbosity is my norm but I’m going to make a solid attempt at brevity - well, except for this sentence.

I’ve been writing and playing music for [indistinct mumbling] years! Long enough.

Per my bio, I started writing significantly more songs in 2006/2007 and since that time have completed nearly 200 songs - most that I like. And I’m going to be bold enough to say, I think you’ll like many of them too.

I’ve done a poor job of getting them recorded and distributed. I can give you a bevy of reasons why. Mostly, it has to do with me properly allocating time. Time to record, mix, and distribute the music.

I work as a technology and content creation consultant. But, as with the cobbler’s children having no shoes, I am often the last one to work on my own art and creativity.

I am working to change that. 

My musical goals

These are pretty simple. Here is the basic list.

  • Put out my music and build my listenership through my YouTube channel and live performances - both online and in person
  • Place music in movies, TV, and elsewhere
  • Place my songs with other artists for them to record
  • Make enough money to continue creating and sharing.

Ways You Can Help

This is also pretty simple. Here is the basic list.

  • Listen (this is free)
    To the released tracks, to the demos. Both/and. And, let me know what you like. I would be honored to hear from you.
  • Share with others (this is free)
    On social or via email. If you like a song, pass it along. This is HUGE!! and greatly appreciated.
  • Come to a performance (might be free, might cost a buck or two)
    Everyone has a LOT of options on where to spend their time. I would be honored if you gave me a little of yours. I will, in turn, give you time, passion, & music.
  • Stay up to date (this is free)
    The header of my website has my various social media sites. Following me there is awesome. Even better, join the newsletter. I’ll let you know about new music, shows, and other creative projects. And I’ll try to make them fun and informative.
  • Buy some merchandise or donate just because
    Well, not just because but because you enjoy what I’m doing and believe in it. We are going to be creating new shirt designs and other merchandise. The best way to know about them is the newsletter. But I’ll announce them across my other social channels. However, the newsletter is the best way to stay up to date.

    Oh.. and if I didn’t mention it, consider joining our newsletter. Because… well.. Because. 😉

    As for donating? Our virtual tip jar is here. Anything is appreciated. Seriously $1, $5, $20, $1,538… it’s all good.

Final thoughts

Wow! I am honored you took the time to get this far. Seriously!

I love making music. I love writing. And I’m going to share something that may sound bold, even arrogant!  I think… no, I know, I’m pretty good at it.

I take the idea of putting pen to paper and combining that with music seriously! It goes beyond just passion! 

In the process of creating music - both writing it and performing it - I feel most fully realized as a human being. I would say it is better than sex… but, that would be a lie. But it’s pretty damned close. And, upon reflection, 30-40 minutes on stage may be the pinnacle of shared energy. When that happens between me and those listening, it feels spiritual and invigorating. Intimate even!

If you can catch a glimpse of the excitement that making music brings me… if I can, through my creating, share that excitement and energy with you, I will consider that a great success.

So, let’s do this!

Matthew Moran
July 20, 2021