About The Throw Away The Box Podcast

I launched episode #1 and immediately received questions on how I put it together. This page just covers some of the underlying technology, processes, and strategies I currently employ and some I hope to in the future.

Quick list

  • Bumper Music: The Night is Calling
    Written by me. Performed by my band, Arrogant Sage. For a rough mix, check out this link.
  • Recording Software: Reaper
    This is the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - recording software) I use to record my music with as well.
  • Microphone: Rode NT1
  • Website: Self-hosted WordPress
  • Hosting Company: SiteGround
  • Podcast Publishing: Blubrry WordPress Plug-in
  • WordPress Theme: SiteOrigin Vantage
    w/ their premium plug-ins. I find their WordPress site builder to be the best.
  • Remote Interviews: Zoom

Podcasting Assistance

If you are considering podcasting and want some assistance, contact me.