Tech Tip: A more productive way to share information using Google Drive

"Google is abysmal at being amazing!"

The above is a common refrain of mine. A lot of people use Gmail but Google is largely ineffective at helping users understand the power of real-time collaboration. In fact, at a recent speaking event, only 4 of the 25 or so Project Managers in attendance had ever collaborated in real-time using Google Drive. That is remarkable to me.

In the video below I demonstrate how sharing works, why it is the "future" of document/spreadsheet collaboration (future??: it's been around awhile), and why it is better to share a series of folders on Google Drive versus sharing individual documents.

Sharing Folders on Google Drive 

Prior to viewing the video, here is a simply Google Drive structure including how I share files with all my clients. It allows for information transparency and reduces unnecessary emails back and forth to retrieve necessary information.

Google Drive folder structure for sharing information more efficiently.

If you are unsure why I structure my drive this way, feel free to comment in the blog or email me.

Video Demonstration

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