The Ballad of Walking Matt and lessons from the road

Matt on the roadMany years ago, my oldest son took off for the open road, hitchhiking across the US. In fact, he ended up going a few times.. making his way to Alaska at one point.

I don’t know all the stories and perhaps don’t want to know. I know that I often worried about his safety and prayed for his return.

He came back with some new perspectives about the people most willing to help others, discovering that it is often the Ragamuffin’s of society, those with the least to offer, who most readily give the most. Soon after I wrote, The Ballad of Walking Matt.

I recorded it at my house then visited Holy Renaissance Church in Lancaster, Ca for some help with backing vocals. The final touches happened when Steve, who plays guitar with my band, came to my house to lay down some guitar tracks. He also offered some mixing guidance.

The plan is to continue to workout and mix some of these parts but I am happy with where the song is headed. I put the song to some of the photos from Matt’s travels on the road. You can see the video below and get the mp3 file as well.

Below that video, I have a video of the ladies from Holy Renaissance singing Happy Birthday to Matt. They got some talent for sure.  Enjoy!

The Ballad of Walking Matt
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The ladies from HR singing Happy Birthday

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