The Coward and The Fool – acoustic

Last Friday, on my Substack, I wrote about confidence and/or the lack-thereof of completing a project. I indicated that I needed to create self-imposed constraints on creative production - to use, The Stallion Harness.

To that end, yesterday afternoon, I rendered my acoustic mix of, The Coward and The Fool.

Rendering just means, outputting the song from my recording software, Reaper.

Here is what rendering was like:

Render, listen back, tweak vocal volume, increase & decrease the reverb, tweak another effect, remove it, re-render, listen back… (rinse, repeat).

I probably did the above six or seven times. I’m positive if I listened to mix #1 versus mix #7, I wouldn’t be able to hear any tangible difference.

And then I thought:

“I can release it later this week!”

Because, I just need a couple more days to get it right… right?

And come August 25th, I’ll be listening to mix #381, thinking, “It’s almost ready.”

Kind of funny, right?

You can listen to the audio below or on the Lyric Video I posted on YouTube - also below.

If you have not subscribed on YouTube, I’d be super happy if you did.

Thanks for listening!

Deb has selected the next two songs to record. One is super-challenging for me. I’ll write about those a bit later.

I’ve put new strings on the guitar, I have two blank projects set up and ready to record in my software, and I’m willing to put a harness on the stallion!

Thanks again for joining me on this journey.

Matthew Moran
August 7, 2023

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