The Road I See (songs in progress)

Matthew Moran, Songwriter

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Early last week - really early - like 4:15 AM early - I changed my guitar strings. Then I started strumming - just a rapid and driving pattern. To be honest, I was thinking about songs like Joe Pug's Nation of Heat

The Road I See original

from the notepad

I liked what I was doing - which is really just a G and Gsus chord. Nothing earth shattering - but I could hear my drummer, my guitarist, my bassist in my head. I wrote the first line on a notepad at 4:45 AM (see image). At 5:40 AM the song was done! I think I've changed 3 words in the lyrics - but, really - done.

I sent them off to my girlfriend and started working for the day. At noon, I put a simple back beat in my recording software and recorded the song in a single pass. My timing isn't perfect and I've since changed the arrangement to tighten it up a bit.

I have other recordings to work on first but I am sharing this as is. There is a LOT of consternation about doing this... because... well... it's terrifying to expose oneself without make-up; splotchy skin and all.

Although, I've also received some encouraging feedback. One friend, Roderick Logan, a trauma therapist and an amazing and perceptive writer (ask me about a dream of mine he analyzed), wrote me the following:
Your song, at least in part, speaks to life in transition. It is the season in which we learn to let go of what has hurt us and kept us from becoming our purpose. It is a season when we learn new patterns and rituals that serve to replace old ineffective ones. And, it is a season in which we find the courage to enter the new -- a new way of living. Thank you for sharing your song; for sharing your journey. I love the lyrics.

I'll take that review any day!  And he's definitely figured me out. He always does. I hope you enjoy!


The Road I See
© 2019 - Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music

It’s been a few weeks since late September
The clouds seem primed for some stormy weather
We’ve turned the key and we’ve locked the door and
We’re walking out of what’s come before 

All my mistakes.  All my misfortunes.
All that I’ve won. All that I’ve wanted.
Stripped of their magic. Stripped of their meaning.
Stripped to the bone of all their self-deceiving.

Can you see the road I see
Can you feel it beneath your feet
Fight the fears of that inner child
Step from the darkness there’s no need to hide
The door is open baby climb inside

I’ve been a husband, I’ve been a father
I’ve been the villain and a tainted savior 
But all I am is all or nothing
If dreams are left untried and undone

It’s 4 AM, a wind is blowing
We cannot fight it, it’s where we’re going
And all these questions they’ve got no answers
But all the reasons, it's all we’re after

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