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An update for August 1, 2011

MattMoran-blissI used to hate recording. The truth is I find it tedious although it has become more pleasurable. First, having the guys at Easy Street Studio in Simi Valley, CA handle all the technical details is nice.

But anyway you cut it, the studio is NOT the stage. The stage provides immediate gratification. It also allows for “stylistic flexibility” – aka: mistakes. They are there and then gone – you move on, you perform, no one is any wiser. It is energy.

The studio, not so much and that is a critical component. A recent vocal professionally gave me this suggestion.. “Start performing in the studio – capture that energy. Don’t worry as much about pitch and performance. You can do as many takes as possible and you will get pitch but if you don’t perform you won’t get the energy.”

Okay.. that is sort of a paraphrase of a longer and more scattered conversation but the point is well-made and well-taken.

Other Observations & News

Backing Vocals/Harmonies

We are going back to the studio to finalize 8 songs we’ve tracked and start on at least 2 more. First, however, I’m taking some time to work on the backing vocals on those 10 songs and several more.

The same vocal pro referenced above, worked with Melinda and I. (Melinda is new to the band and a beautiful vocalist.. We’ll introduce her soon.) During that time, he encouraged me to stop worrying about the technical harmony – the 3rd – and simply find a new melody line to my song – and test it over my melody line. Practice with several – above and below my line. Of course.. that worked and great headway has been made.

Merchandise & Gigs

We are working hard to create some new t-shirts and book more gigs. The focus on recording took me off this activity but I am back to it again.

Also, we have a couple new t-shirt ideas in the works. Look for announcements.

For current gigs – look here. We are planning a combination of band, solo, and semi-band (me and Elliot, me and Melinda, me and some of the other band members) – NOTE, I AM IN ALL THOSE COMBOS.  😀

If you get a chance, come on out!

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