The Tide – praying that a full moon bring the tide back to me


Copyright © 2007 – Matthew Moran

Lyrics below the video.

She’s standing on the front porch, yeah looking west
Salty mist in her eyes and times like these well they put us both to the test
Cuz in her mind she’s on the California coast with wind swept auburn hair
Hearing waves, gulls, and children and wishing I would take her there

She is like the sea, her love is like a rolling tide
My heart is like the sand, it risks just being swept aside
Then chase in vain pursuit as that wave returns to the sea
Just praying that a full-moon bring the tide back to me

Does she remember those times we’d call in sick
Drawn through the canyons by a pull way too strong to resist
She’d lay in my arms, we watch the waves roll in
I was drowning in love as the tide pulled me in again

Listening to her sleep, her dreams carry her away
She won’t recall a thing when she wakes but that don’t change anything
She hears a sirens call, sees a distant shore, feels her toes in the sand
And you can’t hold the sea when tide slips through your hand

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