Throw Away The Box #1 – origin story

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Throw Away The Box Podcast.

I cover the origin story and outline what I will be covering in the podcast.

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Some backstory

Back in 2006, after the release of my first book, “The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit” I was presenting for a business group in Phoenix. We had relocated to the Phoenix area a few years earlier. There is a lot of pain in that story that I won’t go into now - but suffice to say - it does play  a little part in where and who I am today. 

But at this particular time - this particular presentation - I was super-excited. There is an undeniable high that comes with getting published by a major publisher. As an aspiring author, it is validating to say the least. And it had led to some nice speaking engagements and some ridiculous speaking fees.

This particular presentation was titled, “It’s On! Lessons on Life and Business from a Hyper-active Child.” It involved anecdotal stories from my child  ren and loosely connected those to some type of relevant business concept. The presentation was fun, light, and I suppose to attendees demonstrated some type of creativity. It connecting humorous and disparate stories to professional strategies on communication, sales, and passion.



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