Today’s Presentation and a Casual One Sheet

Later today I’m speaking to a business networking meeting – giving my presentation, The Entrepreneurial Careerist. It covers highly proactive attitudes and strategies for professional growth. Here is the event announcement on LinkedIn.

They asked me to provide a handout with a bio. I didn’t like what I had. Because many of my speaking engagements involve music, I wanted one that reflected my broad interest. I also didn’t want your standard, puffed up and conservative professional backgrounder. I wanted it to be a bit more “me.” Whatever the hell that means.

For today, it is this. I’m likely to refine it and let my designer take it a step further. But, I like the bolder (larger) font and sparse details. The image is from a recent performance with my band, Arrogant Sage.

If it pique’s someone’s interest enough to check out what I am up to, mission accomplished. I don’t think more words and a detailed listing of my clients and publishing credits over the years adds more to it. Again, that can be found online.

Below is the image and this link is the PDF of the backgrounder… for today!

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